Aluminum Conductor Composite Core
High Temprature Low Sag

Being conscious of growth potential and essentiality of energy industry, EMTA maintains its investments in human resource, technology, capacity and innovation.

All aluminium products of EMTA are manufactured by continuous casting process of A7E (purity of 99,7%) aluminium ingots. Out put of continuous aluminium casting is rolled aluminium rod having a diameter of 9,50 mm and 12 mm and wires ranged from 1,80 mm to 5,00 mm subsequently.

As a remarkable ACCC,AAC, ACSR, AAAC and ABC manufacturer in its close territory, EMTA is aware of its advantages such as being experienced and well known in the energy industry. As a need of creating competitive advantage, the company makes investments continuously and with the beginning of 2010 launched its second plant in Kadirli/Osmaniye, South of Turkiye for the implementation of new products and increasing its current capacity.

This new plant is established over a 150.000 m² land and with 25.000 m² closed. The technology of the new plant will let EMTA to double its current annual casting capacity and launch wider range of products.

We have the experience you want, can supply the quality you expect and know the value you deserve.

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