Aluminum Conductor Composite Core
High Temprature Low Sag

Just like the hybrid carbon fiber composites used in aerospace technology, the ACCC® (Aluminum Conductor Composite Core) conductor has been revolutionized to become a high strength, light weight reinforcement adopted for today’s transmission grids. It has literally raised the performance bar for bare overhead aluminum conductors.

The ACCC® conductor consists of a carbon fiber composite core encased in a protective fiberglass sheath helically wrapped with conductive trapezoidal aluminum strands. ACCC® conductor combines superior performance and increased current carrying capacity to deliver greater power with minimized line losses.

As the conductor’s core is much lighter than steel, the ACCC® is embodied by 25% to 30% more aluminum in the same diameter using compact trapezoidal shaped wires without an overall weight penalty. Depending on the load level, this improves conductivity and lowers the electrical resistance which reduces line losses anywhere from 25% to 40%. This in return helps conserve fuel and associated emissions and also frees up generation capacity.


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